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Ankylosaurus 15" Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal

Ankylosaurus 15" Dinosaur Plush Stuffed Animal


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Ankylosaurus' are cute but deadly with their spikes and large tail! This one is super soft though and ready to make new friends. It is the same size as the Triceratops and Stegosaurus, at about 15" long, making them adorable additions to our new plush line.

 The Ankylosaurus was a giant armored dinosaur, with plates similar to those on crocodiles and armadillos. It grew to 26 feet long, 5 feet wide, and weighed as much as 16,000 pounds!  This was the last of the non-avian dinosaurs but disappeared with all of the other dinosaurs 66 million years ago.  The ankylosaurus had thick fused plates covering its body and a strong club used for defense at the end of its 10-foot-long tail The ankylosaurus lived with the tyrannosaurus and triceratops.

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