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Collector's Diplomystus Denatus Shale Fossil

Collector's Diplomystus Denatus Shale Fossil


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This freshwater fish dined on other fish in a lake nearly fifty million years ago and is related to the herring fish we know today. The Diplomystus Dentatus displayed in this sheet of shale has been expertly prepared and was mummified by the natural processes that existed in the area of Wyoming where it was found.

Fifty million years ago an ancient Fossil lake existed in what is now southwest Wyoming. Of its estimated maximum extent of 930 square miles, approximately 500 square miles of sediment remain. The 230 square miles across the center of the ancient lakebed contain exceptionally fossiliferous sediments and associated geologic features including: deltas, beaches, springs, and rocks from center and near shore environments.

The unusual chemistry of Fossil Lake prevented decay and scavenging of dead organisms, while millimeter-thick layers of alternating limestone and organic matter slowly accumulated. The resulting laminated limestones contain the highest concentration of articulated fossil fish in the world. These fish, other fossilized aquatic organisms, and associated geologic features make Fossil Lake the world’s best Paleogene record of freshwater lake ecosystem.

This beautiful, perfect specimen is a Diplomystus Dentatus, they grew to a maximum of about 24 inches. In all my years collecting, I have NEVER seen a better specimen.

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