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Kissing Giraffes Hand-Carved Sclpture

Kissing Giraffes Hand-Carved Sclpture


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Love is in the air tonight! These kissing giraffes were hand carved in Zimbabwe out of soapstone. Giraffes are the tallest living animal on land. They have unique horns on their head called ossicones, covered in skin and fur. Males and females typically live in separate herds but occasionally meet together. This pair of giraffes was handcrafted in Zimbabwe out of soapstone, a metamorphic rock that’s been used by humans to carve with for thousands of years.

This authentic sculpture can range in color from green, black, brown, reds, creams and even purple or a mix of different colors. Each one is unique so size and weight may vary slightly.

Length: 4.6 in
Width: 1.6 in
Height: 7.5 in
Weight: .85 lbs

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